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Gaza conflict: Death toll passes 1,000


Union Square Park




I walked out of The Plaza Hotel “somewhat” surprised. Just a few minutes ago at the Angelo Galasso store in the hotel, I saw a pair of  shoes for sale. A very nice pair of  shoes indeed, crocodile leather, with big AG letters on top made of white gold and a good number of diamonds on them and a price tag of… $135,000. That left me puzzled. As I was walking out of the hotel into the summer heat, I noticed a strangely moving man in the fountain right in front of the hotel. As I got closer, I noticed a well worn wheelchair and suddenly a whole picture opened up. A one legged man was picking pennies from the fountain floor. He had difficulty moving around with one leg. After a few minutes he lay down just to cool down and refresh a bit. That stirred my emotions- the poor man, the fountain with pennies and a pair of hundred thirty five thousand dollar shoes. That is a very emotional juxtaposition.

…on 5th Avenue







Columbus Park, Chinatown

Last Day of Chanukah


7th avenue

True Fan

Most of us one way or another admire certain things in life. Some of us take these things more seriously, than others and

only a few living with a true passion for the things they love the most are called true fans.

When does the love become the religion?


Times Square